The project commenced on 1 July 2004 and was completed by mid-2009.
It is part of a strategy to improve fluvial habitats in Austria’s Mostviertel region.

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Two measures were realized:

1.) Fishway at the Melk power plant on the Danube

2.) Reshaping of the mouth of the Ybbs

Following the LIFE-Nature project "Danube salmon habitat" (1999-2004), which made the Pielach and Melk rivers in the alpine foothills passable for fish, with this project the Danube was made further passable as far as the mouth of the Ybbs.
The power company VERBUND AHP constructed a fishway at the Melk power plant on the Danube.

The mouth of the Ybbs is an important habitat for Danube fish and a gathering place for fish migrating from the Danube up the Ybbs. The river mouth has been reshaped and structured by means of islands and gravel banks in order to provide a better habitat in future.

The Lower Austrian Federal Hydro-Engineering Department (Lower Austrian State Government Office, Hydro-Engineering Department) managed the LIFE project. VERBUND - Austrian Hydro Power AG was the partner.

The project area is part of the “Natura 2000 Lower Austrian Alpine Foothills Rivers” region.